She was a loner Jo Jo Fletcher shares a difficult part to postpone their wedding

She was a loner Jo Jo Fletcher, and the winner of the season, Jordan Rodgers, was obliged for four years. It was assumed that the couple will marry June 13, 2020, but because of the epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), to be postponed.

“6.13.20 Happy …”, That would be the day of the wedding? “As you know, we’ve spent the last 11 months you plan the wedding of our dreams, but given the circumstances, and by 2020, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our special day,” wrote JoJo’s Instagram.

Jojo Fletcher, and Jordan Rogers | Steven Ferdman / .

Jojo Fletcher to translate it, and Jordan, Roger

When show business Cheat Sheet spoke with a yo-yo, he was disappointed not to clean her big day, but still, as is typical of former single positively to the situation.

“Honestly, Jordan and I-we have a very good Outlook about it. We were not sure how it will be 2020, so we hope, I think all the time that we can. But of course, it sucks. We have four years, we are engaged in. So I feel that we were waiting for our due time. So we were looking forward to the wedding,” he said.

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Finally, yo-yo and Jordan sought to secure the safety of your friends and relatives.

“We both came to the conclusion that we want our wedding to be exactly as we planned. We waited so long for this. We are well to wait a little longer. It would be better not only for us but for our guests. We want to make sure everything felt more healthy, safe and comfortable,” he said.

The hardest part to defer to yo-yo, it was all buildup before the big day.

“We hope that the following year, 2021, we will, of course. But honestly, only such accumulation to this great day, and not to achieve it. But now we are fully in the world,” he said.

What yo-yo Fletcher, and Jordan Rogers did in quarantine

During idle time, yo-yo and Jordan work in the house that I recently moved. Fans of Jojo know that the owner’s Cash Pad knows how to bypass the update.

“It was nice to focus on something positive, that’s really nice,” he said. “Well, that is [Jordan] in addition, he likes to do it, so it’s something we can do together.”

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JoJo has been associated in recent times with the KILZ First to give a DIYer $ 5,000 in gift certificates for the solution of the project they had in mind. The winner of JoJo almost, to get advice and inspiration from your project. 10 additional winners will receive a gift certificate electronics $ 500 for their own projects.

“Any paint job, preparation is very important. To start with primer will give the finish and durability. Assistance in carrying out the paint work, the transition from darkness to light. Blocks stains. Thus, many kinds of soil. I always tell people: don’t try to skip this step,” said Jojo.

The owner of the Cash Pad fully believe that everything can be DIY lovers, if available.

“If you’re going and pledges to finish, you can do absolutely everything,” he said.

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