Straps: Carlos Rodriguez, and then in Europe, provides Jorge Berlanga


Already some tournaments assistant Strips Carlos Rodriguez grew exponentially, to such an extent be viewed as a large proemesas from Mexican soccer. Their presentations they used his call for a permanent Choice Gerardo Martino.

One of his best performances in brino for the club world Cup Liverpool. The day had started on their own and others confirming their high level of quality that you can put in the best League in the world.

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Representative Jorge Berlangathat is known that Guillermo Ochoa, confirmed in an interview Poadcast ‘With Varinterest that there are several teams in the European services ‘Charly’ Rodriguez.

“Yes, it starts to be interesting, and to keep track of. Served very much in the match against Liverpool and see: “Ah, damn it, you’re playing against Kate, against Salah’. Look at the routes that are physically not remains the big party. And will be removed doubt what they see, and see it in a different situation. Already there he put his eyes some.”

I also noticed that there are other players, young people who have high quality to play in Europe in the future if Caesar Montes, Sebastian Cordoba and Juan Jose Macias.

“Me (Charly) is a player that I like, I think one player who understands the game, is the game between the lines and see how long the player in Mexico. Charly player in Europe, the meek, the desire to grow. Cesar Montes, I also think is very attractive, with the body is not very common in Mexico. Cordoba America I really like. Macias is another player, very interesting.”