What was Hailey Baldwin, and Bella Hadid in Italy? Secret pictures in a bikini was installed

This week there were photos and best friends. Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid in swimsuits on a yacht in Sardinia, Italy. The model came in a European country, and on Sunday June 23 in private flights from the United States. Both went solo, what he noticed first, because that does not end to hold pandemic from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Before the hearings, which took place a few days of rest, who were the rest and decided to go a little trapped in the house E! News reported that the supermodel went to Europe” strictly” in the work. According to the report, two of them were held for the purposes of the campaign, fashion as Italy opens its borders only business questions or questions about it more.

Portraits Haley and Beauty in a boat appeared after the creation of the campaign. Was captured wearing a bikini with colorful prints, and the hair gathered into a simple bun. On arrival at the airport, all the models have been kind of using gloves and a mask to protect yourself against the new virus. Page also reflected that all involved in the photo shoot, was tested for COVID-19.

I have spare time!

Then pose for the camera, they wanted to spend time in the water. “We didn’t lose time and went straight to the water to see the boat in the evening”, the source said on Wednesday. “Was covered in sunscreen and what you can eat on the terrace. Both seemed relaxed and happy to be there. Spent the day just walking and rest. He seemed a little tired from his flight and wanted to have some free time,” he added.

Before arriving in Italy, Hadid spent time on the family farm in Pennsylvania with his mother Yolanda Hadidand his sister is pregnant Gigi Hadid. In turn, Baldwin was a refugee at his home in Los Angeles with her husband, Justin Bieber, 26, after spending more than two months in Canada, where the singer. This journey meant the first time that the girls were individuals after quarantine.