WWE changes creative plans for Liv Morgan

Francisco Alvarez – PUBLISHED 23/06/2020 20:55

WWE eliminated Paul Heyman his role as Executive Director in RAW format. This has caused a lot of creative plans for many of the characters cambiasen. Some selected from Hayman now takes another course. It if Liv Morganand got a few wins and promotions, during RAW, while Paul Heyman was in charge of the Director of the red mark on the WWE. The company has built as a great wrestler in his solo career. The goal was to attract the attention of a girl who believed, presented herbut their promo is over with the release of Hayman.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Vince McMahon might have Liv Morgan, of course, has changed. “Think”, between new plans for Liv, it is possible to collect from ruby Riott, like a computer. “Whatever happened to Liv, will change a lot, because it is obvious that in mode Hayman they wanted to build on Liv big star in his solo career”.

Ruby Riot Liv and Morgan are still good friends between the uprights. You only have to wait like the WWE will continue with new plans Liv, because Vince McMahon is not a supporter of “remake” of ancient history. Angel Andrade Heron there were two boys, more, Paul Heyman. Both of them will not lose their creative plans. In any case, the WWE unified their long-term plans are to major stars.

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