▷ Justin Bieber the DEMAND for 20 million women who accused him of sexual harassment

Justin Bieber presented demand $ 20 million in relation to two women who accused him, sexual aggression in Twitter last week, said in the report, the Explosion and TMZ.

The canadian singer shows the Kingdom of his wife, after allegations of sexual aggression

Justin Bieber makes an official statement regarding the allegations at the request Hailey Baldwin

June 20, a woman is defined as Daniel wrote a long Declaration (an account that has since been removed) for a detailed description of the event Justin Bieber the alleged sexual aggression what happened in March 2014 in Austin, Texas.

After the publication of Daniel will viralizarán, the other woman, defined as a Kadi also wrote his history of alleged sexual violence Justin Bieber what happened in the next year (2015) in new York.

Later, apparently at the request of Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber has denied claims Daniel on Twitter, providing numerous documents and photographs, with a description of their situation at the time of the alleged assault, and said he would “work with Twitter and the authorities to pursue legal action.”

Justin Bieber will demand for difamasión girls

According to legal papers circulated in the MEDIA of the United States, the petition argues that both of the alleged victims “were planning fraudulently to seek attention and fame by posting public accusations with disgust, of course, fake, fabricated and defamatory, that Justin Bieber participated in sexual aggression,” and that “Scripture is clear that these two people are trying to capitalize on the fear which penetrates in the entertainment industry”.

As reported, on demand, Justin Bieber claims to have “undeniable evidence” to prove that these assertions are “lies, scandal and fabricated”.

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TMZ published that Justin Bieber sued for defamation, and $20 million in losses-this amount comes from Danielle and Kadi, which needs $10 million each.

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