Alba Flowers. TikTok, which changes their appearance causes anger in a network

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Despite the fact that after participate in a series of Paper House and Vis a Vis, Alba Flowers got lots of patterns of attachment from their fans around the world, not without situations that harm his personality, because we will focus on its effectiveness after cameraattacking his appearance.

This is a topic with which Alba have tried in years: people who smoke, directly or indirectly, carried out plastic operations of the nose. The situation which the restoration of discussion on these daysSo user has posted a video TikTok where, in digital form, is changing the face of the actress when she, according to reviews online, as well singer Aitana Ocaña.

After viralizarse, recording opened the discussion on social networkswhere most netizens showed resentment and anger. in this video about Alba, because for many it is an attack that despises abilities, creative was born in Madrid; sample body shaming.

In addition, the discussion questioned the Canon of beauty what else permeates the text]many people; one that believes that the most beautiful body in a symmetrical, orderly, without exposed body parts… magazine. The paradigm thatfor many years, this caused insecurity and low self-esteem thousands and thousands of people.

Another aspect that is questioned is what happens if the film is not an actress, famous, but man, low profile.

While the actress has not spoken on this subject, the situation that some thank their fans, as they prefer that will concentrate on their work and leave aside the aspects that can disturb their emotional stability.