All the premiere of HBO Spain in July: “H” and “B”, “Dollface”, “Trigonometry”, “the burning Bush”,…

Summer is coming, and HBO Spain us announces July is full of innovations, interesting. In H and B this is the first fiction original HBO Spain. One descacharrante Comedy directed by Manuela Moreno Cover, which is 22 July, directly to maratonear in the summer. Day 17 comes DollafaceComedy starring: Kate Dennings attempts to find reconciliation with your best friends after breaking up with her boyfriend during the whole life. First season Adheres To The Same Opinion Son (after emissions TNT), a series of production Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), which made a revolution in a series of investigation reaches July 3 starring: Thomas Paine and Michael sheen. On the same day comes Trigonometrycharming series production of bi-BI-si, in which just three of the characters reveal that they were made for each other. Maggie Gyllenhaal-Gan his only Golden globe for his interpretation The Honourable Womanmini-series, which we included in the catalog in the near future, July 10. Strip [adult swim] we have heard the first three years one of the concerts of the stars: Metalocalypse anumacin is a series that follows the adventures and misadventures of a group of death metal, half American, half Scandinavian style. To be on 24 July. And to finish the month, July 25, is the season finale Room 104series developed by the Duplass brothers, which tell different stories from the denominator for General use, the location in which they develop. All dates HBO premiere, Spain, and other platforms and channels, you can find on our CALENDAR in the Zone Series. And to keep you in the day of our sguenos Twitter account @mundoplustv_ser.

In Adheres To The Same Opinion Son (July 3) Malcolm Bright (Thomas Paine) is a psychologist in forensic extensive knowledge about how the brain works killer. It is a pity that, although this source of wisdom is not only acquired through its formation. At an early age he discovered that his father was a serial killer that Ahab is a life, at least 23 people, and that’s with very little will familiariz with corpses and with his modus operandi. When her father Dr. Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), known as surgeon was arrested Malcolm to continue his life. But the ghosts of the past come to life when the police Department in new York city offers to cooperate to stop a new serial killer who copies the actions of his father. In this situation, Malcolm must use not only their knowledge, criminologa but you’ll have to come to terms with his parents in pre-trial detention, to help you decipher mind, this new killer. Who better than a psychopath, to understand how the head of the other a psychopath?

In Trigonometry (July 3), the former chef Gemma and her fiancé paramdico Kieran live together in West London over the coffee, Gemma. Kieran and Gemma sitting deep in love with each other. But unfortunately love can’t pay the suppliers of coffee or rent in London. The pair almost come to the end of the month and their shifts are working like a dog and a cat. In order to ease the economic pressure decide inquiino. That is, when ray was a synchronized swimmer, a world-class, the appearance of which in a car full of Luggage, starts the love story in the modern that changes lives

The Honourable Woman (July 10) – it’s a great series, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, the winner of “Golden globe” in this interpretation. Nessa Stein is a prestigious businessmen from one company armamentstica who devotes all his time to the promotion of the peace process in the middle East. However, the White House and the secret Intelligence Service, located in sight and you see the need to intervene in the complex history, politics on an international scale.

In Dollface (July 17), kat dennings plays a young woman who remained her lifelong friend, needs to deal with their own imagination, when in direct and metafricamente returns to the world of women, to revive a friendship that Dej. Also starring: Brenda song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky.

With madrileo district, Malasaa turned into the character ms On H or B (July 22) – this Comedy, starring ACE and Bethlehem, two friends Parla, finally together when we were both standing up in one of the areas more modern Madrid Malasaa. The inevitable culture shock between two worlds will lead to continuity catstrofes with divertidsimas proportion. A Comedy in which, holding hands, friendship, no cracks, search of identity and postureo more strongly.

Burning Bush (23 July) is the adaptation of the real story of Jan Palach, a student from Prague that take the fire in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1969. Wenceslas square is today the absolute symbol of resistance.

In Metalocalypse (July 24), all of Dethklok is the ability Heavy metal the world’s most famous and Sidi, consisting of five members. Americans Nathan Explosion is the lead singer, William Murderface bass and Cucumbers, accumulators, and after the last Scandinavian guitarists Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf accessories quintet. The folder icon [adult swim]

To find these materials and more, than you can enjoy in HBO Spain for 2 weeks for freein order to thoroughly study the streaming service.