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Use cubrebocas is important during a flu epidemic, according to who, this can seriously help in prevention from Covid-19 and not to allow the virus to spread.

However, long-term use in cubrebocas also cause severe skin reactions, including acne near mouth and chin.

Here we will tell a few recommendations to prevent your skin from damage or continue leaving the pimples on the face.


1. If you use cubrebocas fabric, it is better that it be washed after use so as not to accumulate dirt and dust.

2. Use the mask of another material, as you know that you have irritating.

3. Moisturize skin morning and evening.

4. Uses products that do not irritate you.

5. For women who use cosmetics against aging, it is desirable to minimize the use of fatty acids like glycolic or retinol because they ensure that the skin will be more sensitive and irritate the lining easier.

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Some other recommendations after ?????????? packing cubrebocas.

1. Wash your face

2. Use a detergent with pH balanced that it can remove grease, dirt and bacteria.

3. Moisturizes your skin.

4. Some moisturizing intensive can provide fast relief after using the mask.

5. Places of the greatest exposure such as the nose and cheekbones, you can ease the gel from the Arnica Montana.

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In accordance with dermatologist Anna Valenciathis kind of injuries are very common, and we need to see the correct diagnosis before taking any action, because there are different types of dermatitis, skin and treatment. All this is not due to cubrebocas.

“What is most important in these moments to stay protected, but if you need to use cubrebocas or masks for a long period of time, provides care for the skin with soap and skin moisturizing hypoallergenic or neutral (no odor, no smell, no color),” – said the dermatologist in Vogue.

If skin reactions persist, then it is best to consult a dermatologist to recommend you the best procedure for skin care or treatment. See also: A few rules that can help you to become a millionaire