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    Purpose: Paris. In ‘Citè from Lumiere’ waiting for us to get all the details new collection the French company The Kooples and their new characters that are not other that one of the pair at the moment: Barbara Palvin and Dylan Sprouse. It’s been a little over a year, these two young stars have decided to join the road sentimental, and has now taken another step and are the face of the new advertising campaign of this company fashion.

    For this we chose to epic headquarters ‘maison’, near Parc Monceau, where we have Barbara Palvin in order to tell us all the secrets about the partnership. All the nerves before they disappear in the room where this supermodel expect us. Despite his young age, Barbara radiates the tenderness and joy. We can’t deny that when it is recognized that Barbara, what kind of camera and ports it’s the same thing that we have before us is completely real. And that’s one of those people with whom you feel comfortable and you can do something more nothing to end the interview.

    So that the conversation flows. According to him aniñada with ojazos blue convinces you that he deserves all the promotion in the world of fashion and belt for win a Victoria’s Secret wings a year ago. Being in ‘headquarters’ in The Kooples we asked for two sides that we breathe in this house: rock and trends. And so we learn that Barbara is not a big music fan and, as usual, not to listen to music, but, nevertheless, you will lose all trends and between all that they are petando including 2020she chooses straps. “I love the uniforms. I always thought that my figure goes well with fashion 70 years“.

    It is clear that not all will wear ‘outfits’ super ‘trend’. So, if I could only choose styling that you know it will be great picks print dress (as he is for that interview, design, short, covered with flowers) for the day, which you can’t stop or, on the contrary, I think one suit jacket women in order to interview and find out what will be perfect, as his “the trick is easy and convenient“.

    We should remember that Barbara Palvin has also worked as a designer and released it own purse for The Kooples. In ‘sac-Barbara“this is a great project for youth and very trends that we can find in different textures, color and two sizes (mini and medium) and that their own “top model” professes “I always carry my passport, credit card, lipstick, hand cream, headache tablets and my mobile phone. But if you suffer a medium size bag, I usually the owner, is a great and very practical“.

    With that as well millennial you mentioned that it is not from him tmobile phone (in fact, who is able to do now) we can’t stop ourselves and ask how her relationship with the device and, of course, Instagram: “I am very happy and thankful to get more 3 million followers. Some time ago I was criticized very much, because it was not very active. So a year and a half ago, more or less, ” I decided to break away from social networking. I couldn’t focus on his life, because he lived in “another life“.” So, now that Barbara handles their profiles on the network, but is used in more relaxed and the staff, at the same time recognizes that “it is a way to show your wall a more professional, always keeping the balance“.

    Acknowledges that is a fan the Instagram account of Elle (BRAVO!) from @allwisemeadery, company, drinks honey, which leads Dylan Sprouse; and all that is connected with #food, “I always have food on the mind, though maintains a balance between fast food and healthy food“.

    It was at that moment when asked about what recent photos pulled from mobile phoneappears in the hall of her fiancé, actor Dylan Sprouseand acknowledges that, of course, is the hero, lately that caught his camera. Sure, it’s a movie where we can see Dylan playing in a virtual reality game in your apartment. We cannot deny that the combination of these two young people, without a doubt, front and rear camera. What is intersect and plasma in all the photos ‘Love Unfiltered‘the last campaign The Kooples for the photographer Cameron McCool represents a pair in his aspect, more natural and romantic white and black.

    To complete, then put something more difficult on this model in Hungary: do new York or in Budapest? “In the future, if you have children, I think I would like to return to Budapest because my whole family is there, and I want my children to be near his mother and titas. But it is very difficult to choose now. I love New York but sometimes I miss you, and for my family.” Look, of course we don’t know where you live, but, of course, we can assume, fans of only you, your health and your last campaign, The Kooples.

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