Blac Chyna will no longer see their attributes, in a shameless linen black

Blac Chyna is one of the stars who are always in the public eye, as for their behavior, clothing, quarrel with Rob Kardashian or the picture of luxury.

In 2016 she gave birth to a daughter, a Dream, a figment of his relationship with Kardashian. During pregnancy came despite more than 210 pounds.

His goal was to restore the weight, and apparently she succeeded, because his latest pictures with very little clothing and showing your curves perfectly showing it.

As usual, he returned to alborotar their supporters on social networks after the publication of the photographs, which are clearly visible it features.

“If ‘niggas’ want to play in your heart, you have to play for money.😌 @fashionnova” – he said.

The last photo that he got on Instagram unleashed the basest passions. Woman, 31 years old, he’s bold and underwear set, pretty wild. The neckline was a hero of the photo, and that he sees more than you need that only once the observers notes.

As you might expect, in dazzling clothes ripped dozens of sighs and thousands of fans have expressed and sensual that looks a little flattery.

  • “What Marry me, please😘?”
  • “What curves, what people… it’s all beautiful”
  • “Literally you’re beautiful 😘❤this🔥”
  • “¡¡Yasssss girl!! Yes Hot 🔥”

What problems were overcome?

A few months ago stopped to see what was happening on the economic difficulties and resort to social networks to offer their services promotion.

The star published that he was unavailable to promote any product, brand or service, but then I deleted the ad.

Blac Chyna Photo: Instagram Stories

The list attached to the account email, and claimed to have offered a special discount on their rates only on the day of the announcement.

However, the international media showed that these difficult times are already behind, as was Rob Kardashian has restored its economy thanks to reality TV, starring in “The Real #BlacChyna” and ” cosmetics “Lashed Cosmetics”.