Cole Sprouse shows that the surprises will be the fifth season of Atlanta

Cole Sprouse he said that people can find out in season number 5 Riverdale.

The actions of the social exclusion of many industries stopped their records, to avoid infection, ensuring that staff and participants are not endangered, as in the case of the series ‘Riverdale‘.

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Cole Sprouse he was in as a special guest in the program Jimmy Fallon ‘At Home’, where the driver conducts the interview comfortable and harmonious actors, singers and models world class.

Fallon doubt Sprouse that is exactly what people should expect from season # 5 ‘Riverdale’, Cole was not saved any secret, and he said he would the time jump in two or three episodes for the new season.

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The actor said that since production listening to a lot of fans TV shows, so Iran giving them the answers to the questions gradually. He added that now is focused on his podcast, in which he tells scary stories, titled ‘Storm’.

A good sense of humor Cole Sprouse she was fully exposed to put on the background picture, in a television Studio that originally passed on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. The driver and the actor spent funny jokes in pictures.

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