Laura Bozzo: Her former Christian Suarez married adriana of Ammiel, three weeks ago, according to news reports in Mexico | Show


Christian Suarez expareja Laura Bozzo, officially moved into the category of married. About three weeks ago, I was married to his present partner, Argentina Adriana Of Ammiel.

“Everything was very nice, it was three weeks ago and gave her the ring at the ceremony, very beautiful, and I said Yes,” said the Argentine in an interview for the local newspaper.

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Christian Suarez and adriana of Ammiel

In out of band ‘Conspiracy’, showed that he felt the fear of being rejected when he gave the ring to his partner adriana Amiel. “It was what remained after two years of relationship. In addition, in my 44 years I am not to be ‘ennoviando’ and as you will see, after 17 years of relationship (with Laura), 9 marriage proposals, as it was in the last time, I said, and I want to emphasize again, and I agreed,” said Christian Suarez.

In addition, the Argentine talked about the fact that she married a civilian, and to clarify the date for the wedding. “Well, I’m Catholic, she’s Jewish, and my mom is Evangelical, but we will have our religious ceremony, it remains to clarify the date,” said for the local newspaper.

Christian suárez and Laura Bozzo

Was Laura Bozzo admitted that he wants to increase the size of the family and if you are not able to fulfill his longing, does not reject the idea of adoption. “We are in rehearsal, and if does not, we thought about adoption,” said Suarez.

He admitted that for more than a year has no connection with his expareja. Despite the circumstances that ended that he wants the best and believes that Laura Bozzo is a great man.



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