Lee, Ezra Miller? Flash movie will change the team member

Much time has passed since the film the sprinter was announced as part of the Extended DC Universe (DCEU), so everyone thinks that there will be a few changes, including the Flash movie will have a new Iris West.

Apparently, the only thing left is Ezra Miller as the main character of the seriesalthough after it published a video which shows the actor attacking a fan, has requested the release of the film project.

In the version of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” was Kiersey Clemons, who laid on the love interest of Barry Allen, iris West. However, it was not the view of the scene in the final version.

According to media reports in the United States a new query casting study that shows a few things. The first is that the production of ‘The Flash’ is in motion and Warner Bros. you work to choose for casting.

The second is what Clemons does not confirm to get the role, because he never appeared on stage lateso it is likely that there will be a new Board was elected.

The profile sheet casting says that the Flash movie will have a new Iris West, who is described as a “clever, brave and always a mobile phone in hand” and “the fashion sense of Carrie Bradshaw and intelligence Christiane Amanpour”.

Lee, Ezra Miller? Flash movie will change the member of the group iris-west-scene

Source: Zack Snyder

Describe as someone who “persistently and vigorously, and, perhaps, too fast, the reporter from the Central Citizen, maybe a little room for growth, but despite this, there is something about her that attracts people.”

Iris 23, and the Studio is looking for Actresses between 21 and 25 years, and for paper), which also rules out the AC, as it has for 26 years.

The actress from “The Dope’ was selected Snyder for a cameo in “Justice League”, but his scenesin which Barry rescues iris traffic accident with his super speed, instagram was from the Prime Minister.

At the moment we know that the trial production should begin in the last month, so that, without a doubt, the study will begin ‘The Flash’ as soon as possible after what the film industry turned on again.