Or better than crossovers? Grant Gustin shows his time favorite ‘The Flash’

Successful series The CW is about to end, before saying goodbye, it is always good to remember a bit of the past of your favorite character, actor Grant Gustin shows his time favorite ‘The Flash’ in a recent interview to the delight of all the fans, what’s yours?

After six seasons and 131 episodes was the moment of parting with so favorite character who became a part of the crossover to television more epic all the time, ‘Crisis on Infinite album,” which took place in late 2019 with a few moments that remain in the memory of many fans.

And while Grant Gustin shows his time favorite ‘The Flash’, it’s not part of a fist, is really the first season where Barry Allen needs to make a decision that will change your life, you must learn to let go, as it is very expensive.

“But at some moment I will never forget, it was at the end of Season 1, and make the scene, to this day, is, perhaps, the best scene, which I took in the program where Barry is coming, he thinks, to save his mother to be killed Reverse-Flash. And then stops because he understands that he needs to stop. But then you can keep this moment with her when she dies. And Barry has grown up and has a moment of recognition, and knows what it is, but doesn’t understand why, but agrees that it is so,” said the actor.

As might be expected on stage, there was nothing simple, and write for him because “there was a scene, mind, and emotions. I will never forget how to remove this scene, or the following hours in the house where I was not able to forget about it. I’m in the shower, even crying hysterically, as if my mother died for me the truth. As an actor, it was something that still is my role model,” said Gustin.