Remember Eminem’s daughter? looks interesting (PHOTO)

Remember Eminem’s daughter? looks interesting (PHOTO)

The talent of the rapper Eminem has not only proved that in music, but also its successor, which is young, handsome and physically impressive. We’re talking about Hailie Jade Scott.

Hailie, remember your vacation in Australia, and I fell in love with network

The daughter of American rapper Eminem was in love with social networks with its beauty and sensuality.

Hailie Jade Scott young, only 23 years old, is the result of the rapper with his ex-partner, Kim Mathers.

Hailie got a year to share the photos from my holiday in Australia, including in a bikini than a splash among your Instagram followers.

It should be noted that the beautiful Hailie Jade Scott, a list of more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram and decided to share these images of his birthday, which coincides with the celebration of Christmas.

“Happy birthday to me and a feast for you,” published a photograph, which shows a handsome young man, turning off the candles on the cake.

Eminem and his daughter, they are very close, in many cases, the musician spent some rhymes about it. In this case, the famous theme “Mockingbird”, “the castle” and the last “Not Alike” with ‘Kamikaze’ your latest production Studio.