So is Eiza Gonzlez, actress who uses the quarantine Timothe Chalamet

The Mexican was observed in the relationship cariosa enjoying summer in the boat with the actor from “Call me by your name”

Update 26/06/2020 14:15

Actress, singer, model and almost unknown in Europe, Mexican Eiza Gonzlez this, however, star in Iberoamrica. At 30 years old, and after the jump of Hollywood soap operas in the performances, with Kevin spacey, Steve Carell, or Diane Kruger, it seems to have started something in common with Timothe Chalamet, our beloved actor with whom to share yacht and kissing on the beach in Mexico.

We are very earrings, and everything that makes Timothe Chalamet. Of course, all film premieres and movies: on the jump of a moral Call me by your name (although, he had some big movies already in your resume, how precious Beautiful Boy), was the Manager of the restaurant services in Laurie Little women have Saoirse Ronanin king Henry V in The King in the new muso from Woody Allen in Yes, rain in new York. Two of these films, which are earrings release (and, most importantly, he wanted to come back to us in movie theaters) remake in Dune and the new film WES Anderson, The French Dispatchthat will be in theaters on September 25.

But in addition to his professional activities, we will continue to track his career with love. After the romance that surgi while filming it The King Lily-rose Depp, with whom cort in April, Timothe Chalamet were seen with a mysterious young woman on a yacht in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And although the photos belonging to TMZ, do not give a lot of information, ms in there somewhere, kiss, the Newspapers were quick to identify the girl.

Eiza Gonzlez-actress and model of Mexican 30 years. Little known in Europe as the friend of actor is also a singer, and almost nothing was known about his personal life. Except, that was, was photographed kissing Liam Hemsworth in September 2013, the day after the failure of the last Miley Cyrus.

Born 30 January 1990. in Mexico, the daughter of a supermodel, received lessons of theater in Mexico, and then SDE-new York with his mother. Then the conclusion of the prestigious Institute of Theatre and Cinema Lee Strasberg and back in Mexico, in the salt known in their roles in various soap operasas True love and One night in hell. Then Lanz the music world with two albums of pop, Under the current and You Can Acordars M.

And then came the big roles: interpret a Darling Baby Driver (2017), as well as Kevin spacey and Ansel Elgort. Then compartments shooting with Steve Carell and Diane Kruger Welcome to Marwen (2018), and the following year in the movie manga Battle Angel. Not to mention its role in instagram Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Show. With VIN Diesel released this year his latest film, Angry.