Star adriana Lima on the red carpet MTV Vma 2019.

Adriana Lima is mujeron and don’t need too much to be an explosive and exciting. But if higher rates, transparencies, she already knows before leaving the house that has the red carpet with potatoes. This is exactly what was done in red carpet with MTV Video Music Awards 2019, playing with layers and color, which must be your favorite.

The model was aimed at dress-green, so tight, that would pass a second skin. A project of filament woven “metallic” to deliver brightness, completely transparent and leaves the body ten celebrity. The fact that she used to play with sobrecapas.

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Under that dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, adriana Lima was a clear one body color dark green with project swimsuit to hide areas that are close and not to be too obvious. All this in color, which blends in perfectly with he said that it is already accented hit eyeliner green to get the best total look.

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Only these components are already adriana Lima hairstyle, ideal, with very little effort. But the final touch of sexy that is a hairstyle wetwith a full mane that looks wet, that will be a kind of Siren again water outlet. So explosive that it’s almost painful to look at her, Iwow!

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