What Reconocerías on adriana Lima without makeup? View, because

Last year it was a turning point in his career Adriana Limabecause “hung up my wings”, declaring that this will be the last time that desfilaba like an angel Victoria’s Secret. Since then, the Brazilian continues to work as an Ambassador for other brands as Puma or Maybelline, projects your two passions: sports and makeup. As evidence of this, and secondly, how many times have said to him in eternal love lipstick redStates like ‘guilty’ of contact with any kind of occasion. However, in recent publications, I shared with his supporters to do without it triumphs with selfie face washes.

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“‘Sometimes I imagine six impossible things before Breakfast’. Alice in Wonderland (by the way, this was my favorite movie as a kid, and it turns out that my nick also Alice). Good night Egypt”, wrote in Salvador, Bahia, an image that does not a drop of makeup. This photograph, posted online, the supermodel joined other celebrities like Jennifer Lopezthat is also the trend that prevailed in the virtual world: all ‘no makeup selfies’.


The first reason that caused such influence is that due to their profession top usually appears in public pictures, party make-up, which always emphasizes the lips, color ultraintenso, or eye, arrogance with all smoky eyes more extreme. The second reason is obvious: this selfie it direct evidence that their characteristics, the proportions are almost perfect don’t need decoration…. and his fans made sure he knows.

“Really the most beautiful woman in the world”, “Beautiful even without makeup, my eyes… my mother,” “You’re prettier without makeup”, “beauty has a name and surname: ADRIANA LIMA”, and even some answer top model showing his admiration for the base sense of humor: “Every time I open the front camera mobile phone”. A wave of tenderness for Brazil, which shows that it is possible to break Internet without the use of filters.