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Maggie Nichols, gymnast USA the main role of a documentary film Netflix, Sport. A. (Photo from Instagram @callmeswags)

Maggie Nichols, gymnast USA the main role of a documentary film Netflix, Sport. A. (Photo from Instagram @callmeswags)

The documentary Athleteplatform Netflix the Prime Minister on Wednesday, is ideal for people over the age of 16 and lasts for one hour and 44 minutes.

Its content is strong, and at the beginning a warning: “another movie includes graphic descriptions of sexual violence against children”.

This production shows, as mentioned, in the case indignation Larry Nassar the Federation of USA Gymnastics.

Also following Newspapers gave the scandal that erupted in 2016 for publication The Indianapolis Star.

Contains the testimonies of several exgimnastas who were the victims of a doctor who became more sexual predator in this countryonce offended, is not less than 500 girls.

Among the survivors Maggie Nicholsthat was part of the team USA between 2013 and 2016. Former world champion computers in Glaswog 2015.

In gymnast now 22-year-old returned to second place in rankig, only worse, Olympic champion Simon working days.

Maggie was the first gymnast to raise her voice and to accuse in 2015, which at that time was a doctor of the Russian Federation, Larry Nassar.

Maggie Nichols and Simone working days are friends and participated together with the United States. (Photographs From Newspapers: Alamy)

The documentary shows how this complaint before the authorities of the Russian Federation in the USA Gymnastics hid case, to avoid a scandal; therefore, Nassar, a few guys to abuse.

USED Gymnastics appointed Maggie Nichols, as “Athlete” to cope with this case.

“When I was a little girl, my dream is to go to the Olympic games. So all that I have in my mind,” says Maggie in the beginning the report research.

As time passes, the moments, the quality of Nichols, as a gymnast, of course. The medals started to arrive from early age and their parents Gina and John Nichols supported him at any time.

Maggie studied the Internet to be able to devote more hours of exercise in gymnastics. She was full of dreams and illusions until, until he showed up Larry Nassar in your way.

“USA Gymnastics has stolen his dream Maggie to get to the Olympic games. Yes, it hurts,” says Gina, Maggie’s mother..

And it was so. After violence Larry Nassar, Maggie Nichols and her parents took him to action, and informed the authorities of the Russian Federation, which have kept the case secret.

At the party, which will determine which will be team USA, which competiría at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the Russian Federation, made towards Maggie despite being one of the best exhibitors.

After that, without any support from the Federation, and Steve penny, who was President and then he was arrested, the parents of Maggie got in touch with the press, to give to understand what is happening.

Also, publications in mass MEDIA, more guys, and exgimnastas a loud voice, and the rest is history…

Larry Nassar received three convictions and spent the rest of his life in prison.

Maggie Nichols, Athletic, Inlasts in gymnastics but left the big competition. Now, when the world learned about its history, got a huge number of messages, support for social networking.



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