Adriana Lima on the coast, the wind blows-and shows us everything!

It one of the women most loved in the worldand we are not tired of looking at them. Adriana Lima is the combination of these genetics made women and their admirers, of both sexes, for millions of dollars. That was one of the favorite angels for the presentation of lingerie most famous, exclusive, luxury and peace Victoria Secrets continue to pull new, unused, anytime, far from depriving her beauty is still intactshining and gorgeous.

As a rule, enjoy some of the best moments in the wall Instagramwhere, however, to show that your legs are so moved by his beauty. Adriana Lima, not to travel and appear in different parts of the world, enjoy life and freedom because in 2014, has terminated his marriage with a basketball player Marko Jaric -was Real, The Minnesota Timberwolves or All Angeles Clippersamong other things, that she had been married five years and who has two daughters, Valentine’s day and Sienna.

Do not recognize more novels since then, which makes one of the treasures of the area as there are in the international arena. He also left the legendary parade lingerie in 2018, after almost 20 years desfilando some parts of intimate apparel more different the highest in the world.

We don’t know what your heart goes into a drift, or you have the owner-of investigative and occasionally or, perhaps, forever it is certainly possible, enjoying their girl. Not to go on this summer was designated in coast of Spainin Marbella. Also at some concert in the Spanish-speaking earth. But the sea loves in the back of places like Ca where we left one of the summer photos. Dressed in a leopard, naughty rush of air opened more than her dress and showed why is considered one of the beautiful women of the globeamazing.