Bright response Kylie Jenner to criticism because of its weight


Collect as many million followers as Kylie Jenner in social networks, entails dealing with a significant number hatersbut secular converted to a percentage has a lot of experience in these matters.

Even with only 22 years old and she’s already more than ten years we have been living under the focus of attention of the media, in particular, since the beginning appears in reality familyand at this stage of his life perfected the art to respond to rudeness, or sometimes in the virtual world.

Bright response Kylie Jenner to criticism because of its weight

This week, for example, I came across an account Instagram dedicated to the accumulation of the publication of our own, ancient, someone left a comment, very little happiness in the photo, which was made three years ago, at a public meeting in Las Vegas, saying that he used to be much more subtle and looked better.

Kylie Jenner
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Response this user and all approved quickly with this opinion did not come to remind you that since then a lot has happened in his life.

“I had the baby, just like that”answered Kylie with reference to the birthday of his daughter Stormi two years ago.

Short and boring, that it seems that one comment, is actually more than enough to give to understand that it is not natural that the woman can keep the same silhouette for different stages and years of his life.

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In any case, it is inspiring that someone as young as she is, and the way that constantly refers to the “superiority” of the female body, you feel so confident and don’t let others dare to judge.

I’m happy for her!

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