Diana Atri, his wife joy of the Garden, separated by a tender film, family


The plastic artist Diana Atri, his wife, singer joy Garden Duo “Jesse and joy”, shared via his Instagram account at tender film an intimate moment of the family that was with little Noah and his wife.

The Internet gave way to their demands emotional video, in which he shared Atri, where you can see the Garden, playing with Noah, 9 months, during boot and kisses it several times demostrándole his great love unconditional.

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This video quickly generated hundreds of comments, emotional, and congratulations for the couple, where halagaron large side native that is a Joy to have large paintings of affection with the child.

It should be recalled that Joey the Garden, as usual, not to face Noah, because he believes that it is a way to protect a few people with double standards who are looking for any excuse to throw hatred towards other people.

In addition, until February 14, when joy shared the first snapshot of the front panel, along with his wife, because in previous cases, hiding his identity and has dedicated an extensive and emotional message that moved many of his followers.

This woman @dianaatrim that you are my breaths, the light of my eyes, my strength and my weakness, she is everything beautiful in my life. Not show in my family it’s my way to protect them at least a bit of this world, light, empty. People with double standards who preach and claim that the world is only black and white that their beliefs on everyone else. People who are afraid to look to criticize from the outside, because they seem more easy way. But people like me, unlike my platform like this, I know I share and I guess a photo of my beautiful wife (one of my favorites) to visible, which are ignored, attacked, embarrassed, satanizados and/or lost their life to love someone that many in society is not proper. Wish you happy Valentine’s day or friendship, I wish you a life full of love and loving you, I wish you contentment and inner peace. Wish you love, touching the door, and open the door without fear, without blinking an eye, so: let, input, some love ❤it’s amazing

The publication shared the Joy of the Garden (@joynadamas)

First joy told me about Diana was in the past, 16 April, when she announced her marriage with the woman, and found that soon-to-be mothers, girls.

Was may 28, 2019, when Diana and Joy has turned into the mother of little Noah, since then, the singer began to be more active in social networks and has become more open with his private life, regalándole his followers constantly photos and videos in which appears the child.



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