Eddie Murphy some rare statements on their 10 children

Last summer Eddie Murphy announced that it will be a father for the tenth time, which remains a partner for the last seven years, Paige Butcherand which welcomed its first sprout, the total in 2016.

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Currently, the actor is 58 years old, has a son, 30 and a child who recently celebrated his first birthday, and the rest of her children includes adolescents, which range from 12 to 19 years and four for twenty years.

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The Hollywood star rarely talks about his children and if he does it only to conclude that “children are wonderful”, but this week, there will be some rare statements about his family to his good friend Ellen DeGeneres.

“I think that well, the funny thing is the reaction of the environment. Men me look like the crazy one and ask how much it costs. For women I think this as sexual, they think I should do something good that I should be on the lining” joke.

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Meeting family

The image is compared with the current Murphy accompanied by all of his children dates back at Christmas last year when her eldest daughter Bria Murphy the fruit of his first and only marriage, shared the photo in your account Instagram which shows all his brothers, his grandmother, the current girl of his famous father and mother to the last.

It remains to check that these dates are going to repeat such a cute photo, which was also attended by a girl of 12 years that the translator was from a Spice Girl Mel B and who started talking in recent years, after the recognition of paternity only after the DNA test.

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