Hailey Baldwin is the face of acknowledged signature: this is the reason of his trip castle in Europe

Hailey Baldwin did travel zipper this week in Europe, in the company of his friends and colleagues Bella Hadidboth 23 years old. All models were presented in the airport down for a private flight from the United States. Noticed that the two associated with travel alone in the middle of the pandemic from the coronavirus (COVID-19). The intrigue grew, and later, when there were pictures of them in Cerdeñas on the boat.

Although initially it was thought that this is nonsense, friends, became famous after the journey originated in the work plan. As reported, as was carried out for the new advertising campaign, but it is not specified which company. Page Six revealed that Hayley has landed in Europe for his first campaign Versace. Hadid worked for the company in the previous campaign.

Then from Italy, and sent to the island of Corsica (France), on a shoot for the Italian brand. The website said that the two held a session, photo shoot on the beach from Corsica outfits and jewelry Versace. As the campaign will be launched at the end of this year or early 2021. This new movement occurs after the model began more than two months for distanciadas trapped in their homes.

The silence is deafening

Bella was portrayed in a Sunny beach of Corsica with a black Versace bikini, yellow sandals and the bright heaps of gold jewelry to raise even more glamour. After the model got rid of the boots and registered the Versace shoes in paper form. Baldwin was not seen on set that day. No top model, he did mention about his journey in social networks, we recommend that you maintain a privacy policy a contract.

While Hayley was on the other side of the world, work, husband Justin Bieber26, I am making a defamation lawsuit of 20 million dollars with Twitter accounts belonging to Danielle and Kadi, who accused him of sexual in 2014 and 2015, respectively. In legal acts, the pop star said it has “indisputable evidence” to prove that allegations of sexual aggression “- the lies, scandal and fabricated,” he told TMZ on Monday.