HBO premieres July 2020: new opportunities

At this time looked the last weekend of June and the first of the new normality, at least in most parts of the Spanish territory, we know all the premieres, which will be released on HBO in Spain next month July. By the way, if you have the curiosity, here you can find news Netflix Disney+.

This month, I wonder, because we have some of the best mythical (almost) complete. On the one hand, comes ‘Fantastic Animals: crimes, Grindelwald” to complete the whole collection of Harry Potter. In addition, we have a chance Bridal revisionar of the Saga “Alien” and “back to the Future”.


‘And H or B’

Based on the short film ‘Tube’, Martha Martin, and Saida Benzal again to put yourself in the Class, and in Bethlehem, and in the new Comedy, which leads us to the cultural shock between two young people is the fact that we are in one of the coolest of Madrid, Malasaña.

‘Holds The Same Opinion Son’

One of the premieres of this TV season in the US was this procedural part Thomas Paine and Michael sheen. The plot revolves around a forensic psychologist (pain) after what the police asked for cooperation. A serial killer is loose and his modus operandi tracing from the bloodthirsty “the surgeon” (Shin), a psychopath who is serving a sentence and who is the father of the protagonist.


The land of Britain comes drama novel with poliamor in the center. History Kieran Gemma (Gary Carr and Thalissa Teixeira), a pair from London, which does not reach the end of the month that you decide to take the tenant. When a ray (Ariane Labed), his life and romantic relationships, has changed forever.


Kat dennings directs the evacuation of this series, as a young woman coming out of relationships have to pull imagination, fantasy and literally return to the world of women, and to reconnect with friends. Brenda song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky accessories distribution main.

19 best series 2020... until now

All series

  • ‘Holds The Same Opinion Son’ (3/7)
  • ‘Trigonometry’ (3/7)
  • “The Honourable Woman’ (10/7)
  • ‘Dollface’ (17/7)
  • ‘And H or B’ (22/7)
  • ‘Burning Bush’ (23/7)
  • ‘Metalocalypse’ T1-3 (24/7)
  • ‘Room 104’ Season finale (25/7)


'Alien': all the movies of the Saga in order from worst to best

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All the premiere of HBO in July 2020, “the fantastic Animals: crimes, Grindelwald’, ‘On H or B’ and more