Hilaria Baldwin boasts a lush for pregnant women


Hilaria Baldwin could no longer wait. Although vislumbramos it is young, last week when I shared the time when we had an ultrasound to tell that waiting for the fifth child, Alec Baldwin, there was still that showed proud profile in all its glory. Yoga instructor ” has posted a photo with her hand on her stomach, wearing a joyous second trimester of pregnancy.

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With a film of white, and the average smile, in Mallorca, posing in front of the mirror, leaving the see your cell phone number, is decorated with photos of four children, Carmen, six years old, Raphael Thomas, four, Leonardo, three, and Romeo in añito. Soon you can sum up the fifth photo in the collage. “I just received the good news that all is well and healthy, that this little. I would like to share it with you. Yes, again the same thing,” – with these words has presented days ago happy message that comes after the pair sufriese two abortions a year.

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With the bad moments have been overcome, Hilaria and Alec had a lot to celebrate this month of April, in pregnancy, joins that was held on April 3 actor Blue Yasmine turned 62 years old, and they celebrated the event in a family in which four children were singing happy birthday. “I would like to be enclosed with you always”he confessed to the interpreter, after Hilary to ask, because of your desire for birthday as it takes days of solitude in the lap of a global pandemic due to the coronavirus. The family divides it from day to day, until the last location and bring joy to their supporters, with music, dance, cuisine, and yoga.

The couple met in February 2011. in June 2012 they said, “Yes, I do” in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, new yorK. Since they create families that cannot be more proud. Alec, in addition, has another daughter, Ireland, 24 years old, the fruits of his marriage with Whom??????????. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, held its “reboda” in an intimate ceremony outdoors in the vineyards Wolfer Estate Winery, on long island, which was attended by family members and closest friends, including three children aged couple, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Ireland.



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