Joy Garden posing for the first time with the wife of a famous magazine


Singer Joey the Garden always prefer to keep in the competence of their private life, because only in very few cases, which were seen outside the scene, or a special presentation, but now that she’s married to a plastic artist Diana Atri, everything changed.

Becoming a mother and a wife, the singer does not cease to share in Instagram everything about my life, completely changes the idea of what his fans had from him, because, it seems, of another person, which is manifested in social networks.

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Strongly implying, above all, joy was surprised today to share amazing pictures and she’s his wife, to wear the most beautiful, showing that famous People magazine online picked to be part of the publication “the 50 most beautiful people in 2020.”

Singer and plastic artist see them happy together in a professional photo shoot, which was highly appreciated by his followers on Instagram, the platform on which he decided to share the news for all his followers.

His fans began to fill the publication flattery, messages of love, tenderness and support, proving that he is always with her and unconditionally

It should be noted that this is the first time a couple posing advice for a professional, as the singer rarely came to share images and other.

Joy Garden, share with the first steps daughter Noah

After the birth of her first daughter, named Noah, Joey began to be more present in social networks, which recently shared a video in which he conceded to their demands, all his followers, as shown in the figure of the child, giving his first steps.

This little video sparked a wave of reviews in the publication, it already has more than 840 thousand views.



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