Leonie Hanne, Germany, turns into a track suit, pants more “elegant”

Insights, among other things, served in clothing for aesthetics comfy (convenient, flexible, and rotary) ceased to be part of an extremely sporty to start special sets. And, of course, after a few weeks in the house, to style icons more in a row networking has become the clothing they feel comfortable in their allies confused. Maybe it was her Union design, with a trend that many of them continued, making him an accomplice in his paintings, only outdoors, also. We’re talking about the most Chiara Ferragni, who turned pants jogger in his fetish or the second woman in the line of succession to the throne the popularity of the network, specialiststylist and model German Leonie Hannah.


Before more than two million followers, the fashion expert never afraid to mix colors and styles, – confessed to his followers to be “obsessed” with tracksuit after quarantine. Therefore, the return to normal life, decided there are thousands of us and one to live sports shorts. And though Leonie, probably never will and you would have passed on the head to combine clothing sport with Jacket smoothlyin specialist I found this duet SUV combo favorite time of year… your now?

In addition, specialist Germany plays all colored. Many colors that dominate the palette of this season, but Leoni seems to be clear, what are her favorite. Showed days ago when he went out with styling in shades of lilac and roses, consisting of trousers jogger workout one body neck leashSlippers soft (my favorite), American smoothly. The combination of clothes that after viewing estilizo you are working with a specialist, can you sevir to go to work, to go out to dinner with friends or to participate in any front row at Fashion Week.


Something repeated a few days later, but this time changed jogger according to his version over the summer, in body top sports and shades of purple and pink on blue. Yes, the presence of sandals with straps, and Jacket smoothly-fixed. And, as the summer season has already settled in the city, Leon has, as you might expect, another option in shorts sports in a large dressing room, trend need Irina Shayk, and now Sophie Turner: mesh biker. Option is less convenient, but more tight on the figure. Of course, American, and sandals square toe, not enough, although at the time, was colors fluorine heroes bet.


You need only look at the pictures with Leonie Hannah to understand that, if the German to categorize a Deposit as a pet, no doubt, will be Jacket. On the top of the dress, looking in total lookcutting oversized or bright shades, there is no American, in a world that resists style specialist. So if you also love the aesthetics comfy but you don’t want to be, never a chic touch to your outfit follow his example, and never, never see a suit with the same eyes. Who said blends banned or clothes, too sport? To solve everything and take it with attitude.