“Live a bad wife”: Rosalia was a controversy with these statements in the network


Singer Rosalia made a revolution in the social networks, then to post the video, in which he assured that this is a bad girls best. It is in this group? Oh, mother!

New Spanish Rosalia still enjoys his fans in social networks and in my spare time to look in the current context, and cancel all of his concerts, at the present time, until cancelled.

His music, the connection between flamenco and reggaeton, and revolution in the world of genre cycle. Even a few colleagues that participated with them in some videos as Ozuna and J Balvin, they believe that this is a performer with huge potential.

Ozuna and Rosalia in his video for “I x you x me.”

Presently, Rosalia is home to more than 11 million fans on his official page in Instagram, where you download a photo from everyday life, memories with friends, and even support the reasons as Black Lives Matter and The community of LGBT+.

But in the last few hours, the singer once again became the center of disputes with the video, short but succinct: “live a bad wife.” If Rosalie admits that she, a girl who doesn’t always well behaved? The fans were lelos with these statements!

How many stars Rosalia used the popular app Tik Tok, earlier Music.Ly, where on the basis of that other sound she has recorded his own interpretation. Many of them took it as a hint of his attitude to life.

In his inner life, knows practically nothing: just had a guy who did happy that she dreamed of, before being so famous and treatment as super stars of show business. You guys what you think of this reggaetonera as innovative with his singles?



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