Lives Hilaria Baldwin in quarantine, with four children, and another one in the way

The wife of Alec Baldwin announced recently, how did you manage to get pregnant again after suffering two abortions a year

Lives Hilaria Baldwin in quarantine, with four children, and another one in the way

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Boredom is the least of our problems Hilaria Baldwin during the isolation period. If it wasn’t so much to organize activities to have fun with four young children, while Lydia with the symptoms associated with the first months of pregnancybeautiful yoga teacher, you also need to prepare lessons for his three older children, depending on their respective educational programs that due to their agehis eldest Carmen 6 years old, and his brothers Raphael and Leonardo, 4 and 3, respectively.– could not be more different.

“It’s too hard”, he admitted in a podcast ‘Mom Brain’. “I’m trying to do everything the night before and, of course, that he was ready in the morning. You’ll get lessons from other people, so you have that arreglártelas to teach something that someone tells you that you need to know. I’m trying to understand why it was difficult, but we managed”.

Hilaria going on these days her famous husband in his house in the Hamptons both trying to divide the tasks: while she does perform the duties associated with children, Alec cook declared an official quarantine.

Unlike other couples, marriage is the prospect of spending 24 hours a day together, something normal: “I heard some of the conversations are very intense, the people who told me: ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to kill my partner, too‘. We love spending a lot of time together, so it’s not too unusual,” he admitted.

Yes, Hilaria bored to be able to go out, drink coffee, or arrange any visit to the Museum together with its offspring.