Omar Ayuso (‘a Deserter’): “we live Not a regression in rights, ghosts that go now was always there” | ICON

“If I’m going the other, here look.” Though Omar Ayuso (Madrid, 22 years old), one of the stars of the series Elite, Netflix, try to take iron, conversations with the actor inhabited the proof that it not only understands positive visibilización that his character is Muslim of Palestinian origin and gays, a game for the representativeness of the two groups among the audience of youth: it is noted that, in addition, the thought of it, and did not hide his satisfaction. Yes, but with reservations. “I have continued discussion on what I do well enough, if not, using high material that I have. And it’s true that you can always go further. But I think that helped. For what I see comes to me man, I’m happy.”

“What happened with ‘Elite’ was stunning, but also you will find many dangers, which, if we already have all the media pressure and people’s opinions are getting worse”

Diversity is the reason for the meeting Omar Ayuso and ICON, Wi-Fi with the theme of the photo shoot under the guidance of a Hill at the gate to in the next issue of the magazine, on sale on Friday, July 4. Ayuso came out, quiet, carefree spirit who apurando well-deserved rest before returning to work in the near future, the study begins in the fourth season Elitethat, if executed, is expected to begin shooting in August. Enjoy the time. And recognizes that cost him. “Everything that happened to Elite he was amazing, a mixture of emotions and impressions. But when it cools, you start to have a very dual situation in which you live. On the one hand, this stuff is valuable, fascinating and very constructive, but on the other, terrible things, disturbing and painful. You will find many dangers, which, if already exists, exacerbated with fixed focus, the media, the opinion of people on the street…”, confesses.

Everyone who goes for Ayuso in social networks, knows the sincerity with which he expresses it as a sign of personality. In may, showed in his Instagram account that it took her three months to recover from “destabilization,” which was created after coprotagonizar video I swearfrom Rosalía, which is currently being built almost 30 million views on YouTube. He even shut off the phone within a few days. “It took me a little time, not only the power to talk to people, but being able to talk to me the same,” he explains. “It was a wonderful experience that I lived in the illusion of huge. And Rosalia star, angel and aunt are very modest, which, in addition, it was brilliant. It was a dream, but when I went, I experienced a kind of depression or anxiety, strong enough. This is due to the expectations, to put yourself in autoexigencia, medication… sometimes it Takes. It’s a bit absurd, but it is.”

“Ramon Salazar worked with us in a special way. Goes without be simple, without having to tell you that you need to do. Two words, hit the spring and you will find yourself completely in what you want it”

In autoexigencia know for some time. The young actor had no prior experience before starting Elite and describes with enthusiasm the preparation of each season of the series, where his character, also called Omar, there is a gradual conversion in accordance with the exempt and out of the Cabinet. “In the month, in the first season it was amazing, because I came from nothing. We were a group of boys up to 20 years, almost all for the first time, and to work every day for a few hours with Ramon Salazar [uno de los directores de la serie] in order to experiment, to create the souls of heroes, their past and history.”

“At the level of the creation was fun, we live very intensively,” reproduced. Ayuso and assured, at this point, the second year of Audiovisual Communication. He said a few times, you want to be a Director, and claims that, in fact, to see in action, he bent the mood: “For me, the film Disease Sunday this is one of the best that were made in Spain in recent years. Considering how it works with us this way so special, the flower, so carefully and organic, I can imagine how it must be preparing something. Goes without be simple, without having to tell you that you need to do and not to fall for the fake that it is a little sketchy. Two words, hit the spring and you will find yourself completely in what he wants from you.”

Although this aspect shows a more restrained, admits that he has ideas for movies in the house: “I wrote things and I write things, but Hey, it’s shit [Ríe]”. “Now, about that haunts me is a moment of life in which you see that the ends of the youth and suddenly you need to fill your life and motivation to feel that you know everything. And another topic is the relationship maternofiliales how often confuse the skin between sons and mothers,” he says.

“We live not regress [social]. Maybe now those ghosts that have always been there, seen for the legalization of a political party, but I want to make it seem that they eat everything, and it is not. Only they have more fireworks”

Ayuso answers all locuacidad and furiously yells, talks fast and just need to stop and stand for a single issue. As if those uncertainties, which recalls how one day previously to take a lot of time is spent on analyzing and Re-analyzing test issues that concern it. Will not falter, even when requested, no less than to put his worldview on the socio-political situation regarding rights and freedoms effective people LGTBIQ+ in Spain: “we do Not live regression. These spirits that come out now were already there, never was. Maybe now they looked for the legalization of political parties and the media that give them voice. But people of my generation, the generation of my younger brother, even the older generation doesn’t look to step back, Vice versa. That’s what they want to look. Trying to convince us that they eat everything, and only have more fireworks”.

Last try a pinch of wonder: the explanation of the tattoo on his right shoulder, Illustration, Illustrator Ricardo Cavolo. “Meaning that to meet him, what is the tripartite soul of Plato, the rational part, the emotional part and apetitiva. Tears is pain, which provokes the search for balance may not be between three parties.” Everything is thought out.

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