Rob Kardashian: the only man Kim Kardashian not here for Instagram | Entertainment


Veto Rob on the platform still stand as punishment share image, devoted to his ex Blac Chyna, and a new profile in fact one “fan account’ by the operator to third parties.

This Tuesday Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner was surprised by all his followers, sharing information with them, new account on Instagram, @robkardashianofficial, encouraging them to further for be aware of all the news the only guy with a Kardashian.

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The message that designer socks returned to this social network was unexpectedly because, by all accounts, still blocked, the platform, so that in 2017 to upload multiple photos, devoted to his ex Blac Chyna, as ‘revenge’ after their breakup.

The veto remains in force, as it was confirmed one of the representatives of the company, and new profile around the figure Rob is actually the one processed Jenner Communications and, accordingly, his famous mománager.

Indeed, before opening it, he was commissioned various control measures to ensure that Rob can’t count on access to information and turn it that way Instagram staff.

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As a result, can only be regarded as a “fan account’, as indicated in description biography, to comply with the rules and regulations, which specifies that ” the younger brother of Kim Kardashian can not “create, manage, and control” any content in the application.

Despite this, his supporters Yes, I can see from day to day, Rob Kardashian @robkardashianofficial, which has recently been released tender live little Dream, his only daughter.