Roberto Garcia stops, revealing its charms with a provocative film

The girl, the Climate is once again clear why he is considered one of the most beautiful women in the show

Eric Medina

Yanet Garcia do not cease to be news, and the center of attention in social networks. And it is because of their popularity in Instagramnow began the wheel video which showed his authoritative ago.

The records he made, the sweat of several million followers shows the lead back, before entering the water. However, his habits, Patricia wore it as exciting as characterized.

It should be noted that this video any material which is leading, as usual, to rise in Tik Tok, the digital platform where its contents, usually leaves very little to the imagination, for the delight of his fans.

Lately Yanet Garcia it is suggested to consciousness and follow the instructions of the authorities about the coronavirus. In fact, he said that as a result of to do in a few days, classes at the gym.