Rosalia welcomes summer with the premiere of the musical “KLK” the Ark NEWSPAPER PESA



The Spanish singer is betting on electronic music in this project

The singer Spain Rosalia introduced his followers to their common music called “KLK” together with the manufacturer experimental music of the Ark.

Thus, the Catalan welcomes the summer with the pace that will be one of the best hit of the season.

“It’s to get them to jump and jumping.” So said the ark of the issue-surprise “KLK” straight Instagram the singer in Catalonia. The song has a rhythm very sharp and production of electronic charge, making the dance but at the same time, the details are very diverse in the music career of Rosalia.

In the subject, the Ark explained that arose after the fun “in one day which at first we were both very shy.”

During the conversation, both artists spoke about their friendship and, provided that the premiere of this project.

Both ceased to fall that again in the future to cooperate. “We have a few threads still hanging music”, offered manufacturer, robberies smile Rosalia.

In respect of the fans wonder, could it be the Ark, for the production of the next album, Rosalia? as you return to his career, and we will see more electronic music in the voice of Spain?

At this point, just have to enjoy the premiere of “KLK”, which is part of the new album ” the Ark “Blow”.