Secrets of Michelle Pfeiffer to keep you so well in your 61 years

Update 24/10/2019 16:14

During the premiere of the new Disney movie was detailed, which led to strong attention of all spectators. And did not looks Angelina Jolie, nor its continuous changes of body weight, but great look Michelle Pfeiffer in their 61 years. And we know her secret.

In recent years, phenomenon, Michelle Pfeiffer was rather rare. The actress that amount almost 50 films under his belt and three nominations for “Oscar” now leads a quiet life, away from the headlights, which, however, had no doubt a break to promote his latest work.

Under the auspices of the factora Disney, Pfeiffer spends rotates Angelina Jolie and Elle fanning, to present “Malfica: teacher of evil.” Between photo shoot and the interview, the actress showed data that has much in common with the mystery of its beauty. Is a strict diet that continues to remain young and healthy, as its proceduresfitness and somewhere that one Council to-day.

Pfeiffer ensures that during these years many diets, including vegetarian for many years, I found that it is best to be his body paleo dietwhat he gets in to consume only lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries and regardless of wear lcteos, cereals, salt and sugar. However, the actress admits, saltrsela from time to time to treat yourself in the form of a glass of wine with dinner, or even tequila.

The paleo diet is an order of power that prevails among the stars, and stars like Miley Cyrus or adriana Lima admitted himself dependent, as some athletes lite. But that’s not all, because intrprete amount, it is the training which is to practice regularly yoga and Pilates, as walking, running and Cycling.

Other details that most surprised about the life of Michelle Pfeiffer is your sleep schedule because the actress claims that gets up at 3 in the morningin order to use the sun, go to bed early, and to obtain rest and sleep, necessary for it to look so good.