The overwhelming sadness of the death Grant Gustin Logan Williams

Sad news shocked the world this Friday, April 3, when they learned that the actor is 16 years, Logan Williams, died suddenly at his home.

Williams was selected to participate in the series, as Supernatural and The Flash. In the last played Barry Allen as a child, for a total of 8 episodes. A young man with great talent and a great future in front of us, told him good-bye world, it’s Thursday night, although the message was published the evening.

His mother talked with Variety and admitted that the whole family is completely destroyed, not only for the loss of Logan, but because everyone should suffer the event separately because they’re quarantined. “I can’t hug my parents, who had lost his only grandson”, said.

On the other hand, Grant Gustin, the hero of the series is the use of social networks such as failure and built: “I just heard the devastating news that Logan Williams died unexpectedly. Is photo was taken for the remote control (The Flash) in 2014. I was struck not only by the talent of Logan, but his professionalism on set. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this unimaginably difficult time for them.”

“Let Logan and his family in your thoughts and prayers in these moments, it’s so weird for everyone. Sent them my love to all” closed.