The stork was very busy during the quarantine • the history of the Andes, the news of the Andes, Trujillo, Tachira and Merida


In particular, in the context of pandemics such as coronavirus, the world is good news, and nothing makes happier people who, knowing that children come into the world. Therefore, everything that is advertised or filtered, or you believe that the known pregnancy or the birth of a new child, people can not get involved.

And not a few, who for the last four months who are mothers or now in the middle of the pregnancy, of course, take strict precautions against the risk of infection, that is.

On the national level stuff, starting with the quarantine, we found out Noah was born, the son of specialist Irrael and models Liarys Hernandez, also born in Sofia Valley, the daughter of a politician Henrique Capriles and presenter Valeria Valley.

Those who was in awe of the Goddess Channels her husband Invisible, to announce through social networks that is waiting for their first child together, and then five years of stable love relationship.

On the Day of his Mother, the former model and actress of Venezuela Sharon Fonseca and Italian dj Gialuca Vacchi has announced that it will be the parents, as singer David Bisbal and his wife, model and actress of Venezuela, Rosanna Zanetti, was a very happy news that his family will have a new member in their life.

Slightly more shocking was the birth of the first son of singer and actress Aisha Stambouli, the protagonist of the series “love” bebito gave birth about two weeks that the father-creature, singer and producer Alberto Kauam will take his life in his office in the Tower of Phelps, Square, Venezuela. But, nevertheless, this tragedy, Aisha feels very happy in its aspect of mother.

Aisha Stambouli and his brothers

Also in late may, through its account of Instagram, Venezuelan actress Michelle Taurel and her husband, musician Felix Ceballos, announced that they had their first son, Adrian, Alessandro. Under other equal conditions), actress Wanda D’isidoro her husband Eddie Thomas had brought into the world of the child, which included Andrew Valentino.

Meanwhile, while there is the divorce process with her ex-boyfriend, singer and composer Nacho Mendoza used Father’s Day to confirm that it was an open secret: that he again becomes a father. There is a girl, model and presenter Melany Mille.

The stork brought you, too, Diana, Isabella, daughter of the leading Jesus Alva and Isabella Valentine, daughter Karina Jaimes leading in the morning Venevision “Cover”, and a third son holds Gabriel PAES.

Still in fresh expectations actress Diana Garroz and Erika Schwarzgruber, former beauty Queens Norelys Rodriguez, Diane Croce and White Waters (wife of Victor Drija), all use this delicate phase, although in isolation, and never ceases to share with his supporters, this charming process.

Diana Garroz


In Mexico actress Sherlyn about the birth of his son andré, who was conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization treatment at a clinic in new York. While his colleague, Ana Layevska also had a mother again, as Anna Nicole is one of the singers of the Duo Ha-ash. Recently, the actress Africa Zavala joined the list of famous fresh is idle.

The Hollywood thing has not changed, the actress Michelle Williams gave birth to a son with Director Kyle Thomas Luke was born second child Karla Souza; Chloe sevigny has also joined the list of pregnant women. Other famous couples who become parents in the near future-singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando bloom, Rooney Mara with Joaquin Phoenix, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas, Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, Lea Michele and Zandy Reich.

Katy Perry

In Spain, the singer Malu expecting his first child with partner, Spanish expolítico, albert Rivera.

Leading Pilar Rubio and her husband, footballer Sergio Ramos, confirmed that they will become parents for the fourth time. The actress and comedian Anabel Alonso is the mother of his 55 years, but the pregnancy is your partner for the past seven years, the playwright Heidi Steinhardt.

All expectant mothers agree that, despite the situation is so delicate in which they live, pregnancy, fear and joy, to know their children more than uncertainty or fear.



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