This workout and diet that is in accordance Shakira in order to show off the curves in the Super Bowl


Like Sarah Jessica Parker or Karlie Kloss ” was put into the hands of Hur fitness

Update 29/01/2020 07:46

Not all, it is the fruit genetics. Just a few days, Shakira Dating one of the quotes, most anticipated and mediticas year, intermediate Super Bowl, and began in the hands of Gur fitness with celebrities in order to prepare carefully. Called Anna Kaiser he also instructed to put in order the other famous faces like Karlie Kloss, Sofa Vergara or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Soon February 2, will be held exhibitions ms anticipated of the year: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform together for the first time on the stage of the Super Bowl 2020. The stars of Latin music saltarn on the field of play to entertain the fans that will be present in the stands of the Stadium to Hard Rock in Miami and hundreds of millions of followers who will be watching the final of NFL on TV. Only a few days to hold a sporting event is more important to US (and the world) and singer Barranquilla began in the hand of Hur fitness in order to show off the curves up to half of the planet.

Artist output: est prepare the background to provide the best performance possible. To do this, she resorts to one of his “guardian angels’. Called Anna Kaiser and shall to the maximum potential in enviables curves intrprete. In the full finish to a great day, a personal trainer explained in detail some of the secrets of diet and sports procedure followed religious Shakira in recent months to be in place in the halftime Super Bowl.

Not to break away from in order to get in shape, the singer Hips don’t Liehe trains six days a weekwith only Sunday free, and need to be fully remote session. I mean, I, you, and only you can see your cell phone after a workout. Every day performs one table to develop different muscle groups and aims for an hour or hour and a half to classes, dance lessons, and exercise the cardiovascular system (and essay).

Power is not as ‘victim’, as part of the efforts of individuals. Yes, intrprete removed from the diet of sugar and lcteos. Heroes techniques Shakira in recent months were vegetables and fish in small quantities. “Performs small meals every three hours because his days are very long and need to continue cargndose energy. In fact, do not have the time to sit down and make a full meal,” reveals Hur fitness E! News. Shakira starts the day with Breakfast, antidepressant on the basis of avocado with olive oil, or eggsat the time as a snack or appetizer healthy selects cream of eggplant with carrots is cucumber ally.

Not all, is the result of genetics, but also from the perseverance and effort. How is it that Shakira is not a decade next to Anna Kaiser, a strong supporter of the benefits of yoga, which was instructed to complete his last tour and ‘artfice’ unique recovery that he experienced, after the birth of her second child with Gerard Piqu. Name personal trainer much like Gunpowder between celebrities other people, known as Karlie Kloss, Sofa Vergara or Sarah Jessica Parker and are also in the list of VIP-clients with the trainer.

We will wait for dawn, 2 for February 3, to see if the hard work Barranquilla finally gave the expected result…