Tips to arrange your kitchen in style, Khloé Kardashian


If you ever seen some head Keeping up with the Kardashiansprobably in love, so that the sisters maintain order in their homes, in particular, the cult Khloé Kardashian, because that has led to kitchen organization to a new level.

Cakes in the fridge to have an accurate compromise fact the experts The Home Editthose who have arranged in the house other celebrities it is important Hollywood. Today I want to share methods the design and organization of Khloé to have a kitchen on fleek.


Tell bye in plastic bags, and welcome to The glass vessels, as also, to preserve the freshness of products, allows to identify them easily. As for a compromise, up liquid (milk, water, juice), because there they are more cold. The doors are always condiments and sauces. Food, olorosos, at the bottom.

Snacks and wardrobe

Well stacked in large containers made of glass, put them to their usual packaging and ordénalos as you like. Dale is a dedicated space for each product in different containers. For example, a container for candies, shelves, canned goods, etc. Khloé advised to keep your fruits and vegetables, previously passed and cut in the refrigerator to save time.

Buy wholesale and classification

Much better to buy in bulk because caring about the environment to reuse the containers and gives a different touch to the salt shaker. Another good tip put something sticker or labeled with the name of each content. Keep at hand the things you use and leave at the bottom or very high in salt less. Another way is easy and fun to organize the space are containers to hold products you order (canned food, for example).