Welcomes the LGBT community with one of these parts


With the arrival of June, there are parades and ceremonies that celebrate the movement for the rights of the LGBT community, and brands come together to send a message to enable and support the countless products that are the colors of the flag of the rainbow.

Although this year will be a little different, because you can’t do a traditional parade follows the traditional, we are gathered here, in the marks, their exclusive collection to support the people of this wonderful community.


As part of her celebration, Adidas offers a number of classic models decorated with the colors of the rainbow. Some models of the Ultra Boost’s S&L, the Nite Jogger, Stan Smith, Superstar, Racing, Low and NMD_R1.

Adidas supports Athlete Ally, which weapons, the inclusion of LGBT people in sport through the Fund.



Coach introduces its Pride collection, with articles ranging from t-shirts and clothing to bags and tennis.

The Coach Foundation made donations to three organizations: the Institute Hetrick-Martin, which provides supplies to the young LGBT; GLSEN, which works to end discrimination in schools for pupils of the community; and the Albert Kennedy Trust, organization, British, which helps people who live on the street or in harsh environmental conditions.


Koio to a new level-her sneakers, Capri pants, paying homage to, message, subtle, but powerful: “love is love” and a heart in the colors of the rainbow.

From the profit of the court, Koio will give 20% of their profits in The Griffin-Gracie Educational Retreat & Historical Center, the objective of this center is to create programs, services and resources that had a positive impact on the lives, history, and visibility of transgender people.


For its line BETRUE, the brand has updated three sweaters, high boots, to search and equality for all athletes. These include models Nike Force 1, Nike Air Max 2090 and Nike Air Deschutz. Online neuter.

Nike announced that it will support 20 non-profit organizations focused on protecting sport in the LGBT community. The brand hopes to create a safe space and strengthening of its history.


A collection of Pride Ralph Lauren all. The brand has registered its logo iconic shell of the rainbow.

Brand return 25% of all revenues from the new collection at Stonewall Community Foundation, an organization that brings together members of the LGBT+ allies, sponsors, volunteers and more.


A collection of Pride is used as a tribute to the Rainbow Pride flag, the Original, hand-painted created by Gilbert Baker. It symbolizes hope and Union, color on all indumentarios line.

From the collection of Under Armour announced its newly created program called UA Pride Grant to help ease the financial difficulties that fell to the LGBT organization non-profit during a pandemic.

Under Armour


Pack “From Puma With Love”, which was held this month, with a series of t-shirts, sweatshirt and accessories created in collaboration with Cara Delevigne.

Puma are required to pay 20% of the funds accumulated in the Fund ” People Delevingne, the project work model in the framework of The Giving Back Fund, in particular, will be directed to charity LGBT+ focused on empowerment.