What allies? Spider-Man vs Venom pelearía not in the MCU

Now Sony has a free way with Marvel Studios ‘ support, and seeing how they worked very well is to combine characters, this is normal, think to do the same, and definitely strong cards that are is what connects them to the Avengers, so it should not be strange to see those two together at some point, but unlike what many believe, Spider-Man, not pelearía vs Venom in the MCU, and in fact were allies.

Trailer ‘Morbious’ gave us a hint that they are thinking of joining these universes, or do you like Kevin Feige or not, because here we saw a poster of Spider-Man, but they saw the enemy in this, in the end, Vulture (Michael Keaton).

Although it is not known that will be considered in the third part of Spidey, is that you’ll need help, you can find, because the movie left a very bad standing, causing you to think, the public that is for the death of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and what better than intervened, as reporter Eddie Brock (Tom hardy (Tom Hardy) to do it.

But from the Looks not better, the sequel you will see the story of him vs Carnage and Shriek, the two enemies that are very strong and together give a good fight Eddie, for what you have to hand to defeat them, maybe that can join forces and fight together against their enemies.

Spider-Man vs Venom not pelearía in MCU joined, but should explain that it does not cease to be a rumor, the idea that the fans now have that there are a lot of time to think in these universes because of the pandemic, but wow that is an interesting idea.