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If what to choose diet moreover achieved in recent months, the post flashing can be effective. Maybe their appeal is that do not restrict food-even if you have in mind some the standards work wellor even that a lot celebrities as Elsa Pataky, Scarlett Johansson or Gisele Bundchen show its benefits. Anyway, this method of food that got a lot of women who want to know more about the object. One of the most frequently asked questions of this form is that it is based on to spend a few hours mentioned in the post from dinner the previous day until Breakfast of the following is the exact time needs to take that belt. To learn how to incorporate healthy intermmitent fasting your lifestyle, experts desentrañan secrets of each option.

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What patients it is recommended that intermittent post?

Post flashing can be a Help first and foremost, for those people who have diseases related to the cardiovascular system, poor regulation of the concentration of blood glucose, blood pressure, high levels of oxidative stress…”, explica Sarah Wheel, nutritionist Blua from Sanitas. Laura Stop, technical Director of Slow Life House, we can also said that is not recommended a few days a week, with a 12-or 16 hours of fasting. For example, to go to bed without dinner and not eating until Breakfast the next day. Thus, we receive benefits such as normalization of insulin and leptin sensitivity, and also to normalize ghrelin levels, also known as the “hormone of hunger””.

What should be a strap to post fits?

Elsa Pataky, showed in several instances that he was her husband Chris Hemsworth, who began in this method, both fast 16 hours and eat 8 others. In turn, Gisele Bündchen, hungry before lunch, two days a week and Scarlett Johansson, the rate on the balance of the 12-hour fasting, was followed by other 12 volt power. In order to find the perfect balance, Sarah, the Controller explains the different ways to get it: “In the post-night ‘unconscious’ – almost all performs, not knowing that night, when he sleeps about 8 hours it was possible to get to point out some advantages as, for example, regulation of circadian cycles and sleep quality,” – said the expert, “is, among other things, that the belt post should be individual for each person and may depend on the numerous features and style of life.”

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– The method for beginners, Sara proposes to extend night post a little, and try with a 12:12 Scarlett Johansson: We leave the window to post a little longer than usual to leave when subconsciously we fast in the evening. Could be achieved if dinner before or slightly to the side, a little later,” and assured that “can not be more than enough to experience the many benefits”.

– In terms of ” Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth, specialist indicates that the method is best known, however, should be approached with caution: “It would not be suitable for those people who already have a mismatch in the schedule of their meals or jumping during the day. Or rather, could help: good eating habits”.

– And finally, long posts like those that makes Gisele Bundchen there are also more complex. Nutritionist says, 20:4 (20 hours fasting and 4, which maybe a meal), according to one version, the most extreme conditions: “in These posts, for a long period of time, usually are more difficult to follow and could not see that they have a better effect on health than shorter“. He also adds that “they can even be harmful to those people who did not have good control of eating.”

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Is it true that you can eat without restrictions and to lose weight using this method?

Even if one of the bases of the post flashes that are not deleted group in the diet and allows diet is varied, from Sanitas warn that the choice of “all possible” in the power sector is that the approach is counterproductive: “One of the benefits of fasting to ‘stand’ on the body as ‘work’, which performs the day-to-day. If during Breakfast we present products that are not healthy, such as soft drinks, confectionery, food processed ultra… nothing will serve the benefits of fastingso how are we going to deliver the body of substances that are not beneficial to health.”

And that for those that think this system as the best excuse to eat without control, the expert explains: “to Make 5 meals a day with a meal, it is better to make a post flashing of the foods that are not healthy.” In addition, notes that this method should not be used for weight loss: “Andsta calorie restriction can also be obtained through the supply chain with a low content of calories and having in this case for weight loss”. The moral of this tale? “We did not use fasting as a diet or method of weight loss, but as a tool for middle school to get additional benefits on our health.”