What is reconciliation? After many years of conflict, Rob Kardashian and her ex together with peace

At the end of last week, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna caught his, and others ‘ in their joint statement in social media that has made clear that after several years of war and conflicts, judicial disputesits strong and the desire to work closely as the parents of the little Dream Reneethey said that their welfare and “their interests” were to win any type of gap personnel between them.

And now, according to information released Monday by the information portal TMZ, which quoted sources in the relevant terms, all the details about this goodwill that defines them now, in relation to their responsibilities-it is in the public domain.

In accordance with this tool, expareja’d visited in recent months, numerous “mediation session in order to smooth the sharp edges, and, above all, to implement a set of rules that the protection of family stability. Among them, in addition to to determine the schedule of regular and consistent transfer of jobs, the hotel will not imagine the girl, in one of his future partners, if these hypothetical advances have been fully integrated.

In this sense, exstripper, of course, the man who tells the love story more chaotic and conflict of two stars of television, especially after last month, showed his break with the young guy Buu, at the same time to publish the details very argued, that remained in the city Honolulu (Hawaii).

Just a few weeks later, he began especularse with the possibility of China at the beginning of the idyll zipper singer Soulja Boy, who did not hesitate to refute the rumor on social networks, and even hit the target, China as possible, and does what the previous day was described, but just “installation”.