Yordanka Garcia is ahead of Issa Vegas video back

Argentina again to make clear that his bright picture there’s nothing left for him, called “the Girl-KLIMAT”

July Vera Sanchez

Yanet Garcia supported the taste of the public, although it does not appear in the “Today”; however, Issa-Vegas won again in certain areas in Instagram with video where to make the assumption that also has an impressive ago.

A short sequence shows Issa of different costumes, one in black, where he left almost revealing her ass, the attribute physical, which was also one of the most famous in the case Patricia.

It should be borne in mind that Issa-Vegas has shared the display with the girl, the Weather in the morning den Televisa; however, this was not too much time a coincidence, because the second I decided to take a new professional duties in the United States.

Yanet Garcia even better of Argentina on the number of followers on Instagram, but it follows from recent publications that “battle” is about to be the center of attention, the network still retains a few chapters.