Adriana Lima shows how to overcome your problems with self esteem

Adriana Lima this is a model most famous in the world, so hit the last few statements in which he admits that there were problems of self-esteem when he began his career. In Brazil is not the only celebrity that shows vulnerability to its fans: for example, a few months ago Hailey Baldwin he started this post social networks: “Everyone has feelings of not being good enough, no matter who you are. The whole world is struggling with this kind of uncertainty and difficulties in life.” Now, Adrian wants to show that regardless of how the supermodel, the person like any other that you have to work yourself to don’t let criticism.


“I can’t say that when she was younger, she was fully confident. This industry is tough, and when the model is unknown, may receive tasks brilliantly, or to be rejected. Rejection is never easy,” explains adriana on the website Byrdie“but you must have a shield to continue head on.” Although Brazil has managed to achieve success on the catwalks and become an angel Victoria’s Secret, with only 19 yearsin 2000, it wasn’t until until I became a mother in 2009 when he won the uncertainty.


“When I’m grown up and to have children, she helped me regain the belief that I, as a woman. Indeed, a better understanding of their strengths, at a deeper levelthis is what helps me to be more secure on the street. So my advice is to forget about everything and everyone and just feel good.” In addition, to advise others on how to work in self-esteem, and gives a message with your own ‘I’ – 18 years: “It is important to take care of yourself, and the best way to do this on the beauty with the approach “less is better to keep things simple”explains Lima, “I learned to be more natural from day to day instead of pounds of makeup, this is a very common mistake among young girls”.