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Miguel Angel Silvestre (37), and in the case of a Logical ” buy in the morning this Tuesday of thousands of comments on Twitter in the case of fraud, who, it seems, was the victim of the actor.

It all started when the user published the material, ” which has already been deleted, and it tells the story Logical one apparently, a fan of Isabel Pantoja (63) who bragged online that maintained intimate relations with the stars. According to history, Logic used account, about, photos, models of Federation, to speak to people known and receiving sexual content.

Miguel angel Silvestre respond to the dispute in “Case-Logic”

As evidence of fraud, came out in audio, which, allegedly, Miguel angel Silvestre tontea with Puzzles“Why do I feel like a little kid when I talk to you?”, interestingly, between laughter. Girls offered “the plan man” to get ice cream together, to which he replied: “when I take ice cream, I took it very seriously.”

If all that wasn’t enough muddy, the plot is confusing even more. And that the Internet users accused Ismaa close friend Andrea De Janeiro (20) the account is fake. In addition, some users reached to publish the photo of the so-called confession of the boy via his Instagram account. Nevertheless, the Isma profile to private and the accuracy of the publication, has not been tested.

Apparently, Miguel angel Silvestre was not the only victim makes sense. Alexander Albalá (25) or Suso Alvarez (26) can also fall in networks that are Logical and her alleged conversations revolve Twitter, share, Internet users, among which-believe story, leaving no room for doubt and those who see it all as invention of fiction.

Prior to disputes arising, the actor said on his Instagram account, although it was humour and irony, to confirm or deny if the story is real, and if you do become a victim of fraud.

History video Miguel angel Silvestre.

History video Miguel angel Silvestre.

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