Chicago West it’s a boy Kardashian favorite fanatics, if you had to choose just one

The sisters Kardashian-Jenner used to be mapped to each other, and even separation fans. Who has more capital? (This Is Kylie.) Who has more followers on Instagram? (It’s also Kylie, closely followed Kim Kardashian West).

These are just some of the many ways that fanatics are found for the comparisons between sisters.

Now fans recognize who is his favourite of the new generation. People say that it is difficult to choose just one because they are all so adorable, but the babies of the Kardashian-Jenner designed for life, fame, and, it seems, you also have to get used to the headlights.

Family tree Kardashian is still growing

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Family tree Kardashian is constantly growing. All phenomena began Kardashian Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 from cancer.

Gained fame as the lawyer of O. J. Simpson, and he is the father of the three sisters Kardashian (as well as his brother Rob). Wife Robert Kardashian, Kris Jenner, he married again in 1991. She and Caitlin Jenner added two more daughters of a famous family, Kendall and Kylie.

With the release of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the whole family will be one of the stars, the most famous reality show of all time.

Under the program, fans were able to see sisters getting bigger, especially Kendall and Kylie, who were children when the program began. The audience rejoiced UPS and downs, even if sometimes it felt a little forced for the camera, and they chose their favorite for many years.

Sisters grew up and have their own families.

Topic: Chicago West like a kid, Kim Kardashian and fanatics are unable to deal with it

To keep up with the Kardashians is evident in his 18th season and things have changed for girls and young women, which first appeared on the screen. Now they are grown, and most of the sisters had their own children. This means that now a new generation of little Kardashian-Jenners to carry the torch and try the audience with their profession and glimpses of their lives.

Courtney, the eldest of the sisters, has three children with ex Scott Disick. Their names are Mason, Penelope and Reign. Next in line, Who has four children, from her husband, Kanye West.

Their names are North, Chicago, Psalms and Sacred. Khloe Kardashian has a daughter, However, with athletic Tristan Thompson. Kylie Jenner has a daughter, Stormi, Travis Scott. Rob Kardashian, who looks less often in the public eye, has a daughter named Dream with Blac Chyna.

With constant rumors about children, lovers constantly monitor so that the family will grow even more, but this group of brothers gave a lot to say.

Fanatics hard to pick a favorite

If we are talking about children, lovers much more kind and generous with their compliments that parents adults. Reddit topic about cute babies Kardashian-Jenner, in the end, once commentators have argued that are unable to choose a favourite.

“Oh, all babies are cute,” wrote one commenter. Every time someone talked on their choice, someone chimed in with another option. Often appear in the topic was a True Saint, Stormi and Chicago. Many fans seemed to bend over in Chicago, if you do not press on this subject, but it is clear that many of the children, cute to choose from for this competence, in particular.

To the extent that, as children grow and develop their own personalities and talents will play some strong criticism, what their parents, but at the moment, in principle, dear fans discovered that your family for many years. .