Diletta Leotta overcome the Sun Perez: Here is a photo that you take!


From the moment when she learned that Sun Perez she managed to give it the shape of the body through the use patinete there were many that tried to copy it, but no luck. Diletta Leotta the decision to give up sovereignty Argentina on two wheels Yes, and it has enough votes to get!

Italian is what don’t go nunsonce the decision is already made, chooses the most large where comparisons are not relevant. Or Leotta model is used when making comparisons.

You would think that you can do with this size?

Go to the idea in patinete from Diletta exceed the size and power that is used Solciis buttocks Italy immune from this device!

Would it not be to think bike alternatively?

Apparently, the model gives more patinete elegant and modern at the time, is the Sun. And while Argentina barely leg to train the muscles Diletta little work will have to deal with what he had chosen, because it glass.

That is how to do the exercises, Diletta?

Negligible impact to have the physical embankment-these things, although not really what you need because you don’t want to –or fully, as luck would have it – Leotta village as well, as is usually done Sobri Perez, and, thus, thus, as a gentle clear to all his followers that he is on the path to defeat Argentina!

And not to kill, for sport…