Ellen DeGeneres is lower than the first time without their children


The period of isolation has been that the lead misses out all the duties that are required of motherhood, at least, so it will be busy

Leading Ellen DeGeneres tired of repeating, in recent years, that his wife Portia de Rossi and she decided not to have a child by mutual consent and to spare, to a lesser extent, but it has no obstacles, which in some time appear again about the new rumors that the marriage will be preparing to welcome their first child, who will never finish to.

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On the contrary, the insulation in the house as part of preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in time that the stars miss the fact that he never had children, spoiling their furniture, constantly interrupting, while she works, and, ultimately, giving what to do.

“I’m so bored that I would even have children,” he confessed to his friends John Legend and Catalina Chrissy Teigen during the interview, recorded on video and shared later Instagram.

Famous marriage, tried to comfort him, saying that they were too tired from not able to leave as in your case, you need to play all the time for their children.

What is he doing?

Ellen DeGeneres, for its part, is trying to do a simple talking on the phone with their friends-known as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bielwho are in the mood, very similar to yours, or Adam Levinewhich will be held on Wednesday, the birthday at home.

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