How this will change the fashion industry and after consumption of coronavirus


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The world of fashion and trends is unpredictable. Currently, the global pandemic of coronavirus, the future looks more uncertain than ever, ranging from fashion shows, filming, workshops and even the form in which produced brand, all indicates that after COVID-19 that nothing will be as before.


This virus came to change everything I knew. The fashion industry, like many others, has also deteriorated, which led to the fact that brands, designers and shops to stop and rethink how you see the future of fashion?

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Below we present the five elements have passed out of fashion in the post-cov:

Fashion Week… from home

Mexico was one of the first countries in the implementation of this great idea. Presentations and impressions passed through his Youtube channel and master classes at Instagram showed that Fashion Week is Yes, it can be done virtually.

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Several designers and activists important industry agreed with this initiative, including various advertising agencies and event management, has already started developing strategies to create these presentations on the Internet and assess the possibility of private groups hits that are unique.

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This initiative contrasts with the problem that appeared a few months ago, a large monetary value and the environment that creates to move hundreds of editors, clients, executives, and personality related to various fashion weeks in the world. Maybe it was a great excuse to start thinking about a more economical solution and eco-friendly.

Farewell to fast fashion

Another thing that arose as a result of the pandemic, is how to change how the industry works fast fashion. One of the possible scenarios, was told to create a collection only for purchase orders, not sales forecasts from previous years. This leads to the disappearance of the overproduction of clothing.

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The global crisis has made some of the brands and companies that influence the process of formation of the products, only demand to minimize costs and excess parts, which inevitably helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Boom online sales

Since the launch of the social exclusion and, despite the economic crisis, which draws coronavirus, online sales have represented the peak of growth and position themselves as the main income of the majority of industrial.

According to experts, in the economy, this option will be point of sales, preferably in the next few months that provides an excellent opportunity to begin the training of buyers and producers about the importance of e-Commerce and responsible consumption.

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The value of consumers

After the crisis, consumers will demand more characters. This means that a new era in which social obligations and how they relate to the audience, will be more important than the clothes or accessories that may occur.

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Currently, companies that have been proven to have more engagement is there any sympathy with his followers – those who showed empáticas from the global situation. Nike, Glossier, and Shane was the most interesting.


Consumes local

If you don’t know brands in the country, it is likely that after the crisis you have in mind a couple of new designers. From all the positive that is created by the coronavirus that caused the interest and support what is happening locally.


The vast majority of local designers is a small business, which, as we all saw a dire situation. Spare parts made in this country of a jet of the national economy, supports the project masters as well as stimulates the production manually. By buying local we will win everything and everyone.


You already know that all the predictions in relation to the fashion industry, we invite you to join replantees that the consumption and dealing with brands. Remember that it is our duty to be critical users and know.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that in our hands, require that companies were more responsible towards the environment and their impact on the planet. Considéralo and get to meet their consumption habits.

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And how do you imagine the future of post-cov? Tell us in the comments.

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